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Our goal is to help you fulfill your dreams of parenthood.

Intended parents


We know that finding the right egg donor can feel overwhelming. Our team is here to help guide you on your journey to parenthood. It is our honor, passion and commitment to help you fulfill your dreams of parenthood.

Meet The Team

Fertility Lane is led by Reproductive Endocrinologist, Dr. Danielle Lane, and experienced egg donor/program coordinator, Vivian DeLima. With their combined 22 years of experience helping people fulfill their dreams of parenthood, they are experts at guiding people when it comes to egg donation both from the medical and donor perspective. Their expertise gives them a deep understanding of and compassion for the intended parents and donors, which ensures you will receive the highest quality care and the best experience possible at Fertility Lane.

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Our Commitment To You

Understanding your goals

Affordable care

Dedicated to your family

Highest standards

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Egg Donors

Being an egg donor is an extremely rewarding journey that is unlike any other experience you will have in your lifetime. Nothing is better than knowing that you helped a family in such a profound way. In order to become a donor, you must first complete our donor application (link). After your application is approved, you will be contacted by a donor coordinator to begin the screening process of the program. The initial screenings include an AMH blood draw and an ultrasound to count the number of follicles on your ovaries and look at your uterus.  When those initial screenings are complete, you will be on our website as an available donor! 

Your Family Story

We want you to have the best experience possible throughout your journey with us. We're here every step of the way to make your experience enjoyable and fulfilling. We also love seeing pictures of your growing families!

Frozen Donor Eggs

There are several advantages to using frozen donor eggs.  First, these eggs are typically already frozen, or the donor is scheduled to freeze her eggs in the immediate future.  This allows for a quicker cycle for you, the recipient parent(s).  In general, the eggs can be shipped to your clinic and used as quickly as the clinic can schedule your cycle.  There is no waiting for the donor to be available to cycle, no change that she won’t get any eggs and no risk that she won’t pass screening.  This can save  you both time and money as the recipient.

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