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About Fertility Lane Donor Eggs

About Us

Dr. Danielle Lane

Dr. Danielle Lane is a highly regarded reproductive endocrinology and fertility specialist who founded Lane Fertility Institute in 2009. During her time as a physician, she noticed a need for affordable access to egg donation options, and became committed to providing her patients, as well as other families throughout the world, with just that. This passion led her to start Fertility Lane Donor Eggs.

After many years of seeing both donors and recipients end their donor egg journey uneducated about their own fertility and egg donation in general, Dr. Lane made it her mission, in addition to supplying patients with cost-effective third-party reproduction, to educate all donors and families choosing egg donation about their options. 

She looks forward to helping communities in need of these services and finding donors interested in helping people fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

Dr. Danielle Lane surrogacy
Dr. Danielle Lane
Vivian De Lima donor eggs

Vivan DeLima

Vivian DeLima is a six-time egg donor and experienced donor coordinator who is passionate about making egg donation a personal and compassionate experience. In her early days of donating, she didn’t feel educated enough about the donation process and fertility, or cared for as a donor, until she worked with Dr. Lane during an egg donation cycle.


After she had the experience of feeling educated about her own fertility, as well as the entire process of egg donation, she was inspired and motivated to ensure that all women seeking to become donors attained as much education as possible about their journey. Since becoming a donor program coordinator at Fertility Lane, she has made it her mission to connect with each donor as an individual, as well as the parents, to create meaningful relationships and ensure every journey is a positive one. 

Vivia DeLima
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