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Egg donors california

Egg Donors

Successful Donor Candidates

Although we screen all of our applicants on a case-by-case basis, we have some general qualifications for our egg donors, including:

Egg donor options

BMI between 18-29

Clean egg donors


Best egg donors in California

Age 18-29

Best quality egg donors near me

No STI’s within the past 12 months

Egg donors with good history

Family and Personal history clear of significant health or genetic disorders

Fertility lane egg donors

The Egg Donor Experience

Being an egg donor is an extremely rewarding journey that is unlike any other experience you will have in your lifetime. Nothing is better than knowing that you helped a family in such a profound way. In order to become a donor, you must first complete our donor application. After your application is approved, you will be contacted by a donor coordinator to begin the screening process of the program. The initial screenings include an AMH blood draw and an ultrasound to count the number of follicles on your ovaries and look at your uterus.  When those initial screenings are complete, you will be on our website as an available donor! 


At the time of your match, you will complete another blood draw to check for infectious diseases and a genetic-carrier screening, as well as a psychological screening, prior to beginning the hormone injections involved in ovarian stimulation. You will also enter into a contract with the parents if doing a fresh donation, or with Fertility Lane if you are doing an egg freeze cycle, that outlines your rights and responsibilities as an egg donor. Finally, you’ll be ready to begin your injections!  


The hormone injections used during your cycle will be explained in detail during our screening process. There are 8-12 days of hormone injections that are followed by the egg retrieval, so it’s a total of two weeks from the time you start your injection to the time your cycle is over! 


We are committed to caring for and educating our donors throughout their journey. Becoming a donor at Fertility Lane is unique because we have the advantage of having a fertility physician and an experienced donor on our team to guide the entire process from start to finish. It is our mission at Fertility Lane to ensure that our donors end their donation journey having a better understanding about their own bodies and fertility. You will get an AMH level blood drawn, receive genetic-carrier screening, and have ultrasounds that look at your uterus and ovaries. All of this will give you important information about your present and future fertility. 

How Does Compensation Work?

Egg donors are compensated for their time and effort to donate eggs. Egg donors completing an egg freeze cycle with us will be compensated $5,000. Egg donors that are being matched for a fresh donation are free to list their own compensation requirements, but they typically range between $5,000-$12,000 per cycle depending on the experience of the donors. Doing an egg freeze cycle is a great way to become a proven donor and increase compensation for future fresh donation cycles.

All of your medications, travel expenses, and office visits are covered by either us or the intended parents that you’re matched with, so the only out-of-pocket expense you will incur is the co-pay for the initial AMH blood draw!

You will receive a 1099 from us at the end of the year. Use this when filing your taxes.

Best paying egg donors
How to apply to be an egg donor

Apply To Become A Donor

Egg donor application

Fill out our online application here

Our application starts with a prescreen and is completed with a full questionnaire that covers all personal and family health history, as well as some general information about yourself, your ethnic background, and your reason for wanting to donate eggs. The questionnaire takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, and our donor coordinator will reach out once your application has been reviewed.

What is an egg donor

Get an AMH blood draw, a physical exam, and an antral-follicle-count ultrasound.

You will get your AMH level blood draw at a lab local to you. You will have a phone or in-person appointment with Dr. Lane, who will review your medical history in more detail and perform an ultrasound of your ovaries to determine your antral-follicle count. Getting these preliminary tests provide insight into your fertility and potential success as an egg donor. Lane Fertility is committed to educating our egg donor candidates on their own fertility during the egg-donation journey.

How to be an egg donor

Create online profile

We will create your profile once you’ve completed your questionnaire, AMH blood draw and antral-follicle count ultrasound. Your profile will be password protected and shared with intended parents interested in choosing you as their donor.

Egg donor screening

Complete a psychological screening

All egg donors are required to complete a screening with a psychologist. This will be done over the phone and completed either when the donor is matched directly, or shortly before beginning an egg-freeze cycle.

Egg donor rules california

Get an FDA blood draw, genetic screening, and baseline ultrasound

Before officially beginning your cycle, you will get tested for being a carrier for a genetic disorder, communicable diseases, in addition to completing a toxin screen that includes nicotine and alcohol, and receiving a baseline ultrasound. All of these will be completed during your very first appointment when beginning your cycle.

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