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Benefits of using donor eggs

Why Use Donor Eggs?

Egg donation has made it possible for thousands of women who couldn’t conceive with their own eggs to get pregnant and have a baby. Donor eggs may be used in In vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment for women who have premature ovarian failure (menopause before age 40), diminished ovarian reserve (lower quantity of eggs), or poor quality eggs due to the woman’s age.


Other reasons to use donor eggs are multiple previous failed IVF cycles or being a carrier for genetic abnormalities which can be inherited. A woman over 40 has nearly the same chance of getting pregnant and having a healthy baby with donor eggs as a younger woman using her own eggs.

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Getting Started

Starting your journey to parenthood through donor eggs can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! There are many paths that lead families to egg donation, and once you’ve arrived at that decision, the next steps can be easy. 


First, make a recipient profile on our online database. Here, you will be able to view all of our available donors as well as the donors that have frozen eggs in our bank. Their profiles include photos, a detailed family and personal medical history, as well as answers to questions about their personality, reasons for donating eggs, and fun facts about them. 


Our donor coordinator will reach out to you once you’ve made your profile to find out more about what you are looking for in a donor and directing you to the donors that would best fit your needs. Our goal is to narrow down a few specific parameters that are most important to you in a donor, which is an important step in the beginning of the process.  


Next, it’s time to decide on a budget. Different donors and types of donor eggs (fresh, shared, frozen) have different price points. Although we are committed to providing you with cost effective options when it comes to using donor eggs, there are still different donor options that cost more than others. Deciding what your budget is and researching what insurance or financing is available to you, will help you and the donor coordinator pick the donation option that will work best for you. Our donor coordinator works closely with all of our donors to help answer any questions you may have to help get you started. 

Working With An Egg Donor

After making a recipient profile with Fertility Lane, you will have access to our diverse donor database. These women are committed, enthusiastic donors who go through a thorough screening process before being approved as a donor, so you can have peace of mind that you are going to have the best experience possible. 


Our donor coordinator will always be accessible to ensure that all of your questions are answered, and that you always feel cared for. We want your journey to be personal and easy! After you have found your match, your donor will go through another phase of screening, including: genetic carrier screening, infectious disease screening, a psychological evaluation, and a physical exam/ultrasound. You will also have a legal contract between you and the donor that defines your rights, as well as the donor’s, and spells out the terms and expectations of the donation cycle. Your coordinator will act as a liaison between you and the donor, keeping in communication with both parties and providing assistance during the entire process, through the egg retrieval. 

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Why parents should choose egg donation

Why Choose Egg Donation?

There are many different fertility paths that lead to choosing egg donation. Single or coupled women with poor egg quality, low ovarian reserve, or other struggles with infertility, that have been through many IVF cycles, as well as other fertility treatments with no success, often choose to use donor eggs in order to achieve their dream of carrying a pregnancy. Same-sex couples  use donor eggs, as well as a gestational carrier, using one or both of the fathers’ sperm, to have a child or children that are biologically related to themselves. We know that choosing egg donation to grow your family is a big one, no matter how you got here, and we are committed to making your experience using donor eggs an amazing one.

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Working With A Gestational Surrogate

Often using donor eggs is coupled with using a gestational surrogate. Single and coupled women who cannot carry a pregnancy, and same-sex male couples have the option of choosing a surrogate. Fertility Lane has established relationships with surrogacy agencies and can help point you in the right direction if choosing a gestational carrier is a part of your journey. 

Access to Donor Database

Our Egg Donor database provides insight into our donors who donate both fresh and frozen eggs. Each profile features not only adult and childhood photos of the donor but also lists significant medical history and information about immediate family. 


Our egg donors have an opportunity to tell you about themselves in their own words, too; who they are as a person, what it was like growing up in their family, what passions, talents, likes, and dislikes they may have and why they decided to donate their eggs.

If you are interested in viewing our available donors, you can do so by making a recipient profile by clicking here.


Once you have made your profile, you will have preview access of our donors, where you will be able to view their photos and have limited access to their profile. Our donor coordinator will reach out to you and provide full access to the database if you see a donor, or donors, that you are interested in. 

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