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Fertility Lane Donor Eggs has the pleasure of partnering with several third-party attorneys specializing in donor eggs and gestational surrogacy cases. They are in charge of writing up all legal contracts between the recipients and the donors, as well as the donors and our agency when donors are doing an egg freeze cycle. They will also be available to all of our donors and intended parents to review the contract and answer any questions you may have about the legal implications of using donor eggs or donating your eggs.


Before becoming an egg donor, you must first complete a psychological screening with a psychologist. The screening will take place once you are matched to a family or prior to starting your egg freeze cycle. This evaluation will assess your understanding of the donation process, make sure you feel comfortable with it, and that you have support throughout your cycle. Our psychologist will send us a written report of the screening that we will review.

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Viewing Donors

Our egg donation program is led by the team of  Dr. Danielle Lane and Mrs. Vivian DeLima. They are backed by a larger dedicated team of clinical coordinators and embryologists. Since her beginnings as a physician in the fertility industry, Dr. Lane has made it her mission to make fertility and reproductive health care affordable and accessible to families in the Bay Area, across the United States, and globally. Using our in-house egg donation program, allows parents interested in growing their families with donor eggs to choose options that are more cost effective, while still receiving high-quality care. The team members at Lane Fertility Institute and Egg Bank are experts in egg donation and have very high success rates working with both fresh and frozen eggs and embryos! Choosing our program for your egg donation journey either as a parent or a donor ensures you will have the best experience possible while achieving your dream of growing your family!

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